July 8, 2009

[Books] The White Tiger

Rarely is a booker quality material, a page-turner! The White Tiger is of this rare combination. Every page just propels you, wanting more. I was surprised to find myself laughing out aloud at some of the turn-of-phrases: Adiga's irreverent references to so many things quintessentially Indian. This rich black wit surfaces again and again. How does one manage to translate the indian events, feelings and actions into this alien language? Adiga does it in style. The words make you smell the pan and the dirty streets of Laxmangarh and visualize the water buffaloes in great detail. The book made me laugh and think a lot. But no tears and I am easily moved to tears! An intense, emotional story told with logic precision.In all, worth every moment of a feverish, marathon read. 

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