November 12, 2010

[Movies] Inspired by Inception

Experienced a movie or was it a dream? No, way too logical to be a dream.

The layers of the seemingly complex subconscious presented simply! The stunning visuals, spatial magic, surreal performances are not what I want to talk about. It's just my fascination with the core - The idea of an idea being implanted!

Is this a bizarre idea, an 'out-of-this-world' concept? Hardly! I think this has been done as long as humanity has existed. In our childhood, in our day-to-day life, why even in advertisements, ideas are sown into our head knowingly or unknowingly. We come to believe them as our own and even guard them fiercely. Ideas inside the head that seem to impersonate you perfectly. "You can't do this" "You'll fail" "There you go again, why can't you ever do things perfectly?" "Always make a mess" "The fair girl gets the guy" "Tall, dark, handsome hunk speeding on the bike". This, an idea spreading roots, taking firm hold and growing into an haunted tree, that sadly, sometimes, even invite us to end our lives on it. Whoever may be the cause of this deadly inception, the reason it is alive is simply because we choose to believe it. It has become so ingrained in us, that we see this thought as 'me'. "I can doubt me and my capabilities, not my thoughts!" Wow, how did we get here?!

For those of us, who can look inside and see this truth, it's a gentle reminder: Watch out for the seeds you sow. Contrast the above dark lines to, "You are so adorable" "I know you will do it" "It's not impossible" "There's something special in you" " You are born to be happy" "You always do your best" "Even an amputee can be a ballerina" "A ninety year old woman can do the salsa". These seeds, though hard to grow in today's cynical world, once they find their niche, sprout heavenwards and captivate us all with their power, their gentle breezes, their unmoving support, their smiling invitation to live, fully and deeply!

Plant the seed of hope or be the plant of hope. Stay alive, in the true sense of the word - You are needed to make a difference!


  1. Good post Nandhini, creatively philosophical. When I read the "ninety year old woman can do the salsa" I had a deja vu, not because I read it somewhere else, which I actually didn't but it is the feeling that we get when we think "Oh I dreamed of this!"

    Weird feeling and I don't know. Simply said. I also want to know your review of the film, a kind of insight on the script. Would you do that please?

    I haven't seen 'Inception' yet and sure want to see someday though I watch films as half an hour episodes except films that I review which happens to be part and parcel of what I do. Just finished the top three classics on IMDB's Top 250!

    1. Shawshank Redemption
    2. Godfather I
    3. Godfather II

    And guess what the fourth one is? You might also have seen the list! The fourth one I saw last time was 'Inception'. So, I am waiting for it! Before that, please review 'Inception', if possible, taking my plea as a reader's request.

    Though I do not want to take too much of your time, I also wanted to understand what the film was about before watching. Maybe, you can tell me how it is :)

    Your intellectual family always amuses me, inspires me and makes me think progressively, rationalistic and so on. The latest addition, into the foray, is Mrs. Nandhini Karky!

  2. Thanks again for your enthusiastic comments.
    I mostly try to go for a movie with a blank slate, no opinions, no reviews, so that it's my experience, my unbiased perspective entirely. Inception was a 'must-see' movie, that was all.

    You must watch the movie, Dinesh, to live in it, lose yourself in it. Be sure to post the review.

    That you see me as an addition to the likes of my intellectual family, is an honor. It is a great thing to live up to.

  3. Awesome post Nandini.

    Like you said, we do seem to have a lot of 'like likes' ! I haven't watched the movie, but resonate with what you've written here. This could have been my post except I may not have been as poetic or articulate :)

  4. @Arundhati, Thanks for your appreciation.
    Yours, definitely funnier! :-)

  5. Awesome post ma'm...just makes me realise how the negative thoughts and ideas sown in my head had formed much of my nature...but I wonder if the seeds sown by your post can really grow in me to change what I see as my nature...well lemme give it a try:) and once again awesome writings ma'm especially this one and the ones on education and exams

  6. @Ramesh, So glad to see my article strike a chord in you. Best wishes in your journey to a better 'you'. Thanks so much for your positive comments.