January 20, 2011

[Lyrics] Kuviamilaa - Lens in Love!

Kuviamilaa from Ko, is pure word magic splashed with the colors and blends, a photograher sees the world from. My little critique on some of the exceptional lines of the song:

[Photo (also) by : Karky]

ஏனோ குவியமில்லா...குவியமில்லா ஒரு காட்சிப் பேழை!
ஏனோ உருவமில்லா...உருவமில்லா நாளை!

Picture-perfect imagery of the distorted world of love. An accurate metaphor for a visualizer falling in love - About life going out-of-focus and out-of-shape! A seemingly self-invited tragedy for the person who thrives on form.

எண்ணம் திரளுது கனவில்/ வண்ணம் பிறழுது நினைவில்/ கண்கள் இருளுது நனவில்

Exquisite interplay of shade and light in the dimensions of dreams, thoughts and reality respectively.

சத்த சத்த நெரிசலில் உன் சொல்/ செவிகள் அறியும் அதிசயம் ஏனோ?

Neat version of the million dollar questions on the exclusivity of love! The placement of words, about the clear perception of the words of a lover even in the midst of noise overload, is verbal brilliance.

நிழலை திருடும்/ மழலை நானோ?

Deeply philosophical reflections on looking inward with indulgence, at the naughty child playing with illusions.

Kuviamilaa is one of those songs that any one in any tense of love would relate to, with an empathetic smile. Refreshed myself with quaint words and evergreen thoughts. An intense, delicate and extremely focused capture of a lensman in love!


  1. Nice review on magical lyrics... Make an analysis on this too...
    கானா காண தானே பெண்ணே கண்கொண்டு வந்தேனோ...!!!
    வினா காண விடையும் காண கண்ணீரும் கொண்டேனோ...!!!
    Really magical....

  2. //சத்த சத்த நெரிசலில் உன் சொல்/ செவிகள் அறியும் அதிசயம் ஏனோ//

    But, does this mean, I am in love... yes.. a million dollar qn

  3. Nandini ... lovely feedback on Karky's memorable lines... exactly my thots on those beautiful lines.... esp... satha satha nerisalil.... how true and how exclusive the world becomes to a person in love.. where the lover's words will be audible above all the other distractions ..and also i wud like to add ... the lover's heart and mind is tuned into the increased loud rhythm of his heartbeats that inspite of it... his ears strain to listen to his girl's words....

  4. @Senthil, the humble soul that he is, he thanked me for the review! :-)

    @Aasif, You're right. Every line does strike a sharp chord inside.
    கானா காண தானே பெண்ணே கண்கொண்டு வந்தேனோ...!!!
    வினா காண விடையும் காண கண்ணீரும் கொண்டேனோ...!!!
    I would say that in these lines, the mere words themselves are musical. There is a very smart play with rhythm in the letters. Contextually, it is very rich emotionally and pictorially.

    @Sateesh, A million dollar question that time will answer for you! :-)

    @Bharathi, Thanks for your warm comments. It is good to find people being so tuned to the emotions and lyrics in songs.

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  6. //Kuviamilaa is one of those songs that any one in any tense of love would relate to//

    Absolutely!! Love the interpretation.. Hats off to both of you (to the lyricist and his inspiration - you.. :-))

  7. one of the best songs in recent times! Thanks for the Translation.

  8. My favourite lines in the song of Ennemo Edho song

    Suthi Suthi Unnnai thedi
    ...Vizhigal Alaiyum Avasaram Eno?

    Satha Satha Nerisalil Un Sol
    Sevigal Ariyum Athisayam Eno?

    Kanakkanathane Penne
    Kangal kondu Vandheno?

    Vinakkaana Vidaiyum Kaanakkaana
    Kaneerum Kondeno?

    Nizhalai Thirudum Mazhalai Nano?

    this line also Madhan Karky's all time Fav line. I known after his interview for Atheetham. Iam really happy.