February 7, 2011

[Random] A Priceless(!) Pleasure

A gentle warning to all readers of this blog article. Avoid reading this when about to operate heavy machinery! It is definitely better viewed close to bedtime, when sleep is gently nudging you, this will surely deliver the final kick into snoredom.

Here I am about to describe the pleasure of having a pedicure done. A Pedicure, as defined in 'dettol' fashion , is a 'cosmetic treatment for the feet and toe-nails'. Anyone who has had it done in the hands of a professional, will stare with disbelief at this understatement. Here I am trying my hands at doing that, a bit of justice. No, this article is not sponsored by any salon!

As the feet enter the doors of their heaven, the sins of dirt and grime, the pains of cracks and callouses melt away in a few minutes. Watch out, here come the ZZZs in the following description: The tiny dirt particles hiding in the crevices of your nails are removed with surgical precision. Then they are neatly trimmed and the serious business of removing the deposits on your feet are underway. The lines and cracks are explored with Columbusian efficiency. The icing on the cake is definitely the few minutes of massaging the feet, when all the tensions seem to vaporize like ice on summers' day! This systematic process of scrubbing, filing and massaging is one of those human inventions that deserve a Nobel. Ok, that's going a bit far. Well let's say that if all the terrorists got more of these done, we'd have less hijacking and bombing on our hands!

After every session, I have a burning desire to write to Oxford Dictionary - To add this word to the English lexicon - Pedicurean , adjective with the meaning, 'I-can't-wait-for-this-to-happen-again' !


  1. after reading ur post, feel nudged to do one asap :)

  2. Delightful to read - so glad I found your blog :)