January 30, 2010

[Movies] Whatever Works / English 2009

How can one write a review for a movie that didn't end? Well, why not? You walk out of so many Tamil movies and throw away so many Hollywood discs in disgust, to quote Woody Allen himself, unable to understand their "stupidity beyond comprehension". But this movie was definitely not that kind...quite the other end...The only reason it didn't end was the disc was dirty! So, here's my review of 'Whatever Works' or to be more specific "Whatever worked"! - Loved it, was awfully disappointed not to see the ending and live in Allen's world, just a bit more...

It is not rocket science to infer that this man, Woody Allen is a true literary genius. He must have talked when he was only a month-old, I bet... His vocabulary and the effortless way he just interconnects the words and jumps from thought to thought, painting character sketches with each word, simply a marvel! I've watched that his creations are always extremes, almost cartoonic. It's the thing about Allen that all his male leads have the same core - highly intelligent, taking a dark view of every single thing about the world("there are summer camps for everything in America... chess camp,movie director camp, football camp! Kids should actually be sent to concentration camps to understand what the world's like!") and misanthropic beyond imagination. But where Allen wins is that how many ever times he creates these characters, they almost never bore you. Larry David plays the neurotic lead well or rather mimics Allen perfectly for I am certain he is himself in all his movies!

Allen's fans are sure to love this one and I am sure I wouldn't change my mind if the rest of the disc worked too!

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