August 5, 2010

[Random] On Metaphors

A budding village in ruins. A few, scattered well-built houses in disrepair; Bricks laid lay abandoned. Cobwebs, dust and broken rods eclipse what could have been.

An opportunity; A possibility - To build a town, a nation, why even start a new civilization! So much scope for growth, for creating self- sustaining systems, for changing the way this world moves.

Why get down and clean it all? Why change things now? Why not be in the comfort zone, delighting in what was? Why spend so much energy on what could be, on what glorious-could-be?!

But doesn't it beckon you, with arms outstretched like your loving child? Doesn't it pull your heart strings with passion? Doesn't it electrify the mind and fill the nerves with zing?

And... what is this about? A blog, home, society, nation, life or something else entirely? The scene and the seen lies in the seeing!

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