August 7, 2010

[Movies] Gurushetram / Tamil 2010

Drugs. Movies with this background, was way down on my list, only a notch above horror movies, which is a complete no-no for me. Such was my aversion to these movies, that anything with this background gave me the jitters, goose-bumps and what-not. By the way, I would attribute it to some skull faces and skeleton men when TV was first introduced at an impressionable young age of 8. Well, this long and slightly uninteresting autobiography is to say, "For a very long time, we go on with hard-wired notions that we definitely wouldn't like something and then we are jolted out of it by an exceptional piece of work!" The exceptional work, in this case, is 'Gurushetram'.

They speak the same language, maybe with a light intonation and a different accent. Not any more diverse than Kovai and Madras Tamil. But here is a whole new culture and perspective. The quaint feeling of watching a foreign language movie in your mother-tongue. As my understanding of the Singaporean Tamil culture, at the cost of sounding politically incorrect, they seem more Tamil than the Tamil Tamils! This has led me to believe that it is the far-flung seeds that guard the roots vehemently.

A tight packed screen play, that has something to hide and reveal until the last moment. Perfectly etched characters, with distinct and consistent identities. Theme, handled with maturity and clarity. The one song in the movie, that blends aptly, with the flow. Lead performances, that bowl you over with their perfect rendition. Emotion in certain scenes, that becomes a character by itself. Most of all, the confluence of all these elements makes the experience much, much greater than the sum of it's parts.

A fine way to know your own in another land!

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