December 25, 2011

[Lyrics] AskLaska: SetSquare-Stethoscope Heart-to-Heart

Perhaps, if all the words in all the love songs, written by earthlings, are placed one on top of the other, it will reach the beings on the earth-like planet, discovered some galaxies away! Love, a feeling, in spite of being probed by microscopes and telescopes, still seems to gift something fresh to the one who seeks truly. AskLaska, the latest love sensation from Nanban, a spell-binding case in point. Here's looking at it with my eyes...

[Image composed from multiple sources]

அஸ்க் லஸ்கா ஏமோ ஏமோ - ஐ
அஸ்த் அஸ்த் லைபே -
அஹாவா போலிங்கோ சிந்தா சிந்தா
இஷ்க் இஷ்க் மைலே - லவ்
இஷ்ட பிரேம பியாரோ பியாரோ - ஒரு
காதல் உந்தன் மேலே

In these few words, the elation of being in love, that binds human race as one, is experienced. Here is love, the ultimate unifier, as spoken in various corners of the world! In spite of being unseen strangers, these words hold hands with the music and walk like a couple, smiling at each other. Although this is undoubtedly, the most unique dimension of this song, something else beyond these lines seem to call out to me, joyfully... 

Lines below, talk of love in the language of engineering. Here is an intelligent engineer, whose love for a girl, is spoken with the implicit love for his education. 

முக்கோணங்கள் படிப்பேன்/ உன் மூக்கின் மேலே
(Triangles, I study on your nose)
விட்டம் மட்டம் படிப்பேன்/ உன் நெஞ்சின் மேலே
(Width and depth I understand, from your heart)
மெல்லிடையோடு வளைகோடு / நான் ஆய்கிறேன்!

(Curve line, I explore on your waistline)

The girl is second to none either, which she proves with her apt reply. Ah, the incomparable delight I feel, to see women portrayed intelligently in our movies!

ப்ளாட்டோவின் மகனாய் உன் வேடமா?
ஆராய்ச்சி நடத்த நான் கூடமா?

(Is Plato's son, your disguise?
And me, your research lab?)

At the same time, the charming doctor reveals how perfect she is to love this genius of an engineer, by the equivalent passion for her education. In her 'therapeutic' words... 

பாழும் நோயில் விழுந்தாய்/ உன் கண்ணில் கண்டேன்
(See you fall into the depths of illness)
நாளும் உண்ணும் மருந்தாய் / என் முத்தம் தந்தேன்
(Prescribed my kisses as your medicine)
உன் நெஞ்சில் நாடிமானி வைக்க/ காதல் காதல் என்றே கேட்க..

(As I place my stethoscope on your heart, it's 'love love', I hear!)

All this leaves me wistfully wondering, how many love what they are doing, and when they do... how magical would love and life be!


  1. It was nice to reach the song beyond the initial lines as there are meanings more deep in this song! What a brilliance! I really liked those interludes between the man and the woman in their own senses. I thought this song actually exemplifies love differently to each one, still what binds them together is Love itself.

  2. Excellent blog! Missed to notice minor things while hearing the song. Now going to hear it again. And congrats to madhan karky for his unique selection of words and unmatchable creativity

  3. Awesome writeup! I didnt quite realise this soung would have such greate lyrics. I guess my brain stopped listening to the lyrics the minute song started off with asku askku and yamo yamo...thinking this song is going to be full of meaning less words....

    Also i learnt one new word in tamil for stethescope... 😃 simply like the way madan karki has put this song like a conversation between two lovers who are into their respective fields 😃

  4. I Like This,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Really Superb,,,,,,,,,,


  5. the words what u describe was miracle madhan. too good ,to see one tamilan have beautiful thoughts in his minds. it's mindblowing.. best of luck for sucess

  6. nice comment. when its audio released i checked Is there any song of M.Karky. then caught ash and then heard line by line.. Fantastic lyrics . Well done Karky. loved Sinmaye voice and also Vijay. Rap is also not bad.

  7. lyrics..didnt knw dis much meaning d lyrics had..earlier in ko film d song yenamo edho song karky came up wit d word 'kuviyamilla' d term relatd to photography-d charactr d hero plays...n nw in dis song its even more beautiful of an engg and a doctr...awesome..awesome..all d best for ur success karky...!!..

  8. omg!!! the explanation for this song is toooooooo good man! The choice of words in the lyrics by madhankarky is just out of the world! i have been listening to this song almost 50 times everyday:))) hats off to madhan and another great salute for you, to have explained this in greater depth!

    keep rocking, guys!!!

  9. Dear Nandini....

    I have loved this song from the minute I heard it and was mesmerized by the choice of words used by Karki....And If i have to say I like this song by Infinity times...Now after I had read your blog ...I am liking it more than Infinity....

    Convey my wishes to Karky and Haiku!!!!