December 18, 2011

[Movies] A Separation / Iranian 2011

Once again, I am jolted from my months-long literary slumber by a magical journey. Here you are, on a theatre seat one moment and vanishing into thin air, the next. It is very rare that you take the entire theatre with you, and in perfect 'zen' silence, that too. That is to be seen to be heard! Introducing 'A Separation' at the International Film Festival, in Chennai.

From the word go, one feels pulled into a mesmerizing painting and one is the artist, the colors and the subject, all rolled into a perfect whole that one forgets what one is. Each actor, acted not, but lived. Each emotion was not out there, it was within. Every element of the movie had one unifying element - economy. Not a single scene, a single word, a single expression was unnecessary. Sculpting precisely, ego, honesty, loyalty, love, as real as it can be!

Ever thought about what would you do if you had to choose between a dying old man and an unborn child? A moral dilemma indeed, specially to those concerned. Many philosophers theorize about man's morality. One such theory describes it as stages with the first layer akin to the simple reasoning of a child who thinks "it's all right to do anything as long as one doesn't get caught". The next one being the phase when we do things "to keep the others around pleased or things that are right according to law". Then again, the final level, the highest and most difficult level founded on the "universal principles of an ideal humanity". This movie touches on every one of these layers and from multiple angles. Life as it is, seems to be the most interesting story of all.

Into the homes, in the streets, you walk following an enigmatic stranger - the story. You see unfolding the multiple realities of every character - their faith, their conflict, their honor, their life, in fine detail. Not all that different from you and me. In all, a perfectly woven persian carpet, magically flying you through the hills and vales of the human mind!


  1. Iranian movies are a treat to watch,I had seen movies of renowned directors Majid majidi and Jafar Panahi. Movies like The Color Of Paradise, Children of Heaven, Offside, Crimson gold are excellent films !!!

    Will watch "A Separation" ASAP.