December 14, 2015

[Echo] In Memoriam Mine!

Broad forehead; 
Black-rimmed spectacles;
Bold eyes;
Brilliant mind.

Short and stubby fingers;
Square palm with deep ridges;
Palm raised, looking inward;
Eyes solving lifeline riddles.

Dug! Dug! Dug! - A homecoming Bullet bike;
Tap! Tap! Tap! - Little feet rushing to the gate;
‘Now! Now! Now!’ - A little voice beseeches;
Dug! Dug! Dug! - Bike starts before it stops!

Laid-back streets of a small town;
Vendor selling books galore;
A pair of little hands grasps one eagerly;
Sowing reading, the seed to her future!

Mornings by his huge study desk;
He reads the papers to look at his world;
Waking up, seeking him out first,
She sits on his lap to see him, her world!

A Maths notebook brought in his line of vision;
‘The sum of the sums done yesterday’;
He gives more of the same - her morning’s mission!
Sowing solving, the saviour of many a troubled today!

A gentler, cleaner morning breeze;
He’s seated in the lotus of yogic divinity;
In, pause, out - Breathing with ease;
Painting on her mind, a portrait of serenity!

An atheist, who believed in himself;
Richest and poorest, the same to him;
Patience, honed over the years, to perfection;
Soaring strength of will, keeping his pain at bay;

Crowds thronged that street,
To bid farewell to a man they loved;
‘How could you take him away so soon?’
They demanded of their indifferent God!

Little eyes stood, not knowing what to say;
Little mind making sense of what, before her, lay;
Little did she know that this pain was here to stay;
Many years ago, this day!


  1. A soulful memorial it is! I am sure he is living and will live through your memories, forever!