December 15, 2015

[Random] In a noisy world...

Of a room in Den Haag
Of a soul within
Of a far-away souvenir
Of a long-ago gift
Of an unborn child
Of a dead parent
Of an unanswerable question
Of an irrefutable answer
Of depression
Of euphoria
Of the yet-to-speak toddler
Of the about-to-die elder
Of a fighting couple
Of an estranged friend
Of a reunion, prior
Of a farewell, after
Of an attentive listener
Of a perpetual talker
Of unexpressed love
Of concealed apathy
Of a monastery
Of a library
Of a fallen tree
Of a sprouting seed
Of a crowded theatre
Of a deserted graveyard
Of spectators of a crime
Of photographers of a disaster
Of the moment before an applause
Of the moment after a rebuke
Of leaders who should condemn
Of followers who should complain
Of the sinner
Of the forgiver
Of the speechless speaker
Of the speechless signer
Of a loving look
Of an angry stare
Of the black night
Of the white moon
Of a thinking mind
Of a feeling heart
Of the breeze
Of the earth
Of hands that do
Of eyes that see
Of the universe
Of an atom
Of a tear
Of a smile

That speaks a thousand words!


  1. Of unexpressed hurt
    Of pain
    Of moment after a moving speech
    Of tied hands
    of zipped lips
    of tearful eyes
    of empty stomach
    of heavy heart
    list goes on! Good collection :-)

  2. I liked the tied hands & zipped lips in your response. In my opinion though, an empty stomach rumbles and pain cries out aloud! :-)

  3. Thanks :) Yeah, I agree with rumbling stomach and cry of pain. Not many prefer to succumb to those feelings and remain quiet.

    1. My point is, it's not about the silence of the person experiencing these feelings. It's about the silence of the thing itself! :-)